Centennial Airport welcomes a variety of military aircraft, from Initial Flight Screening (IFS) for the US Air Force using the Cirrus 20 single engine propeller airplane, to jet trainers such as the US Navy Goshawk T-45 jet or the US Air Force T-6 Texan turbo props. Fighters such as the Colorado Air National Guard F-16’s or the Navy’s F/A-18 fighter jet also make an occasional stop, as do US Army medevac Blackhawk helicopters and others. Flight crews in fact regularly fly and land at different airports in order to stay proficient. In addition, airports like Centennial Airport, must by law allow such aircraft to land at no cost to the federal government or the Department of Defense. In 2016, military aircraft represented less than one percent of all landings and take-offs at Centennial Airport or APA as it is known by its airport identifier.